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Be rent-ready with Ella. Have you seen that dream property? Pictured where your sofa will sit? Already planning the house-warming do? Take control of landing your next rental with a pre-approved credit check courtesy of Ella. Be Rent Ready @


Take the risk out of renting. No more doubts! Thanks to Ella. This invaluable, insightful tool tells you who is rent-ready with a fully vetted, pre-approved credit history report. So you can take some risk out of renting your property. That’s got to be a good move. Vet before you let @

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Let Ella find the right tenants. We’re about to make your job a whole ‘let’ easier! With Ella, you can rent assured that you’ve found the best possible tenants for your landlords, all right there, at the click of a button. Fully vetted, credit checked and ready to move in! You’ll wonder how you managed without it! Let it easy with

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